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You really thought this would work?
An escape like all the rest.
Dont you remember last time.
your a joke.

This addiction tears you apart.
You let it every time.
your a sucker.

You gave everything you had for something that wasnt planned.
There was no future.
You opened yourself to the arrow.
Pierced yourself and the crash came through.
you already knew.

This game has got you worn.
You dont remember the key plays.
Its just another hail mary and your at your knees.
you lost.

You couldnt just let it be.
The killer instinct came out.
Hold on, you’ll get your chance right?
your wrong.

You grabbed out the nearest platter.
Set the bullet next to it so they knew the risk.
Then you got shot.
you were meant to bleed.
you will never learn.

its over.