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I didn’t think they would catch me
I know trying to kill someone is wrong
But it wasn’t me, Carrie Wildes
It was her, she made me do it
She said she would kill me if I didn’t do it
She’s always watching me she’s always there
Hiding in the shadows so you can’t see her
Nobody believes me when I say that it’s her fault
They say I’m lying, they say I’m crazy
Wild and Crazy Carrie Wildes is what they call me
I hate them, she hates them too
They chased after me and took me here
Now I am strapped to this stupid bed
In this stupid room, all by myself
We will get out revenge
She has a plan
We are going to trick the guard
He threw us in here
He is our first victim
We WILL get out revenge
Nobody will stop us this time
This time…It’s personal.