You hold your hands in mine and tell me how pretty I am.
Don’t insult me by telling me lies.
You tell me that no one else can treat me like you can.
You have some nerve to say that while looking me in my eyes.
You have your arm around me in the hall as I try to pull away.
You whisper sweet nothings in my ear
And I know this cycle will continue into tomorrow, and the next day.
My words you don’t seem to hear, so let me make this clear:
I don’t trust you.
Give me a reason to trust anyone after what’s happened to me.
So no, I’m /not/ going home with you.
Could you just back off for a while and let me be?
So no, I’m /not/ letting you get me drunk, or high, those aren’t the kind of things I do.
For you own sake, just hurry up and quit
And play your lines to some bleach blonde bimbo that will believe it.

Todayby ~Shadowstar-287