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Feelings flying
Head spinning
Everyone asks
But I’m affraid to say
Even to myself I can’t say it
I just don’t know
What do I say?
What do I feel?
What do I do?
It’s hard like that
Happiness one way
Pain with the next
But I can’t let go
I can’t give up
Or can I?
Maybe this is what I need?
But I just don’t know
I’m so confused
This shouldn’t be this hard
It shouldn’t be like this
But this is my life
I guess I’m used to it
But I wish I knew what to do
It doesn’t matter
Wishes are worthless
They never solve anything
It’s like my life is a constant fight
Like black vs. white
And dark vs. light
Only my options seem to be one thing
Zero or Die
So why do I bother trying?
If I can’t succeed then what’s the point?
I have no idea
But for some reason I’m still here
Who will win this time?
Girl Zero – or – me?