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Im not good at being controlled. I do what I want when I want…or at least thats how it used to be. Nowadays Im afraid to make a move. Walking hot coals daily. Dont want to start a war over nothing. Really though – is this how its always supposed to be? Isnt this a HUGE reason I ended the last one? Never ending.

Example. Today, I wake up to the sound of my phone – boss calling – I overslept by 3 hours…FUCK…so I drag myself up and start getting around. Then he calls – didnt listen to a word I said -that I found out later. Just called to say his phone was dead. whatever. Then proceeded to bitch about the tournament and players there. Oh how exciting…I listened, but I needed to get ready for work. He kept rambling then said he had to go and he will call later.  then later he calls and is pissed that im at work…dumbass I already told you I woke up late and was getting ready when you talked to me last time. Doesnt believe me…whatever…then proceeds to yell at me for not calling him since he left. Again…whatever…he was the one who said he “lost his phone” and then didnt call till 11 the next night to talk for 5 minutes and then called this morning to tell me he had it but its dead…really…your mad because I didnt call? whatever…then continues on to drill me on what Ive been doing and where Ive been since he has been gone…shut the hell up…really…your 13 hours away at a tournament with who doing whatever and your questioning me. I worked, made dinner, ate, worked on websites, slept, and repeat…shut the hell up. So after that lovely interrogation he said to call after I got out of work. So I did, he talked almost a whole minute before saying he had to go and hed call me in 10 minutes. Im driving to my appointment. An hour later he calls – I txt I will call in 15. He replys with “why what are you doing”…really…shut the hell up. 15 minutes later he calls – i ignore – im still in my appointment – then he txt “after 30 min you cant even answer wow hope your having fun” …really…WTF happened to him calling “in 10 minutes” like he said…whatever…I leave my appointment and call. Tell him Knock the fuck off with the stupid messages – he drills me about where/what Im doing. I tell him I was in my appointment that I go to every friday – he doesnt believe me and chews me out…really…I tell him to go fuck himself like you wanted this relationship to work anyway…he hangs up while Im saying it…I txt  “you really think being controlling and insecure is a good idea right now?” he doesnt respond…3 hours later…no response – really after everything Ive been going through with my family in the hospital this is how you choose to treat me and make me feel – WTF – this little battle of control of yours…whatever.